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Olafur Arnalds


Mercury KX

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Performance (Live on KEXP) Seattle
1 Epilogue  
2 Happiness Does Not Wait [Licensed]  
3 Respite  
4 Microcosm  
5 Kadizonas  
6 Letters  
7 The Invisible Front  
8 Partisans  
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Ten years on, and after demands from his loyal fan base, Ólafur Arnalds has released The Invisible EP, out today. The profound contemporary artist behind Broadchurch and some kind of peace originally crafted the music for a historical documentary, The Invisible Front. The never-before released music was re-discovered in Ólafur's musical archive, like many things, in the heart of lockdown.

Of the EP, Ólafur says, "I wrote the music on The Invisible EP for a film score over 10 years ago. While sorting through some unreleased material I found these songs buried on an old hard drive. It's a funny thing, looking back on your own music. Since I wrote these so many things have changed, in the world, in my career, in my life. But still they resonated with me and I hope that they do with you as well. So, after 10 years on the shelf, here is a time capsule from a different era."

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