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Orchestra Moderne NYC, Amy Andersson

Women Warriors: The Voices of Change

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1 Prologue - Lolita Ritmanis  
2 Chapter One The Long Road - Lolita Ritmanis  
3 Chapter Two Freedom - Miriam Cutler  
4 Chapter Three The 1980's AIDS/HIV Crisis - Penka Kouneva  
5 Chapter Four Love is Love- Starr Parodi  
6 Chapter Five Women Build Peace - Penka Kouneva  
7 Chapter Six Yearning to Breathe Free - Sharon Farber  
8 Chapter Seven Mother Earth Protectors - Nathalie Bonin  
9 Standing Rock Water Protectors - Penka Kouneva  
10 Climate Change Activists - Miriam Cutler  
11 Chapter Eight Our Truth is Our Power - Mandy Hoffman  
12 Memoriam to women murdered in honor killings. - Nathalie Bonin  
13 Honors women who have transcended pain and darkness - Penka Kouneva  
14 Chapter Nine Seeking Justice and Equality - Sharon Farber  
15 Honors the unarmed African Americans killed by police. - Anne Kathrin Dern  
16 Chapter Ten Parkland - Isolde Fair  
17 Chapter Eleven Hell Hath No Fury Like a Women Scorned - Penka Kouneva,  
18 Chapter Twelve We Will Honor Her - Penka Kouneva  
19 Finale Women Hold Up Half the Sky - Lolita Ritmanis, Amy Andersson  
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Hear Orchestra Moderne NYC debut the world premiere of Women Warriors: The Voices of Change, coming fall 2019 to New York City. A team of Hollywood female film composers and documentary creator Amy Andersson have joined forces to produce a social justice concert experience. With thrilling live-to-screen visuals and a full symphony orchestra, this is unique experience is not to be missed! Presenting 800 years of women fighting for human rights and equality, this world premiere 80-minute interactive symphonic experience features historical visuals of activists from past to present day, powerful in it's social and cultural relevancy.

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