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Track Listing:

Prologue - Lolita Ritmanis
Chapter One The Long Road - Lolita Ritmanis
Chapter Two Freedom - Miriam Cutler
Chapter Three The 1980's AIDS/HIV Crisis - Penka Kouneva
Chapter Four Love is Love- Starr Parodi
Chapter Five Women Build Peace - Penka Kouneva
Chapter Six Yearning to Breathe Free - Sharon Farber
Chapter Seven Mother Earth Protectors - Nathalie Bonin
Standing Rock Water Protectors - Penka Kouneva
Climate Change Activists - Miriam Cutler
Chapter Eight Our Truth is Our Power - Mandy Hoffman
Memoriam to women murdered in honor killings. - Nathalie Bonin
Honors women who have transcended pain and darkness - Penka Kouneva
Chapter Nine Seeking Justice and Equality - Sharon Farber
Honors the unarmed African Americans killed by police. - Anne Kathrin Dern
Chapter Ten Parkland - Isolde Fair
Chapter Eleven Hell Hath No Fury Like a Women Scorned - Penka Kouneva,
Chapter Twelve We Will Honor Her - Penka Kouneva
Finale Women Hold Up Half the Sky - Lolita Ritmanis, Amy Andersson

Orchestra Moderne NYC, Amy Andersson :

Women Warriors: The Voices of Change

Hear Orchestra Moderne NYC debut the world premiere of Women Warriors: The Voices of Change, coming fall 2019 to New York City. A team of Hollywood female film composers and documentary creator Amy Andersson have joined forces to produce a social justice concert experience. With thrilling live-to-screen visuals and a full symphony orchestra, this is unique experience is not to be missed! Presenting 800 years of women fighting for human rights and equality, this world premiere 80-minute interactive symphonic experience features historical visuals of activists from past to present day, powerful in it's social and cultural relevancy.

Amy Andersson - Conductor, Producer

Masih Alinejad, Guest Speaker

Guest Artists Sonita Alizadeh, Isolde Fair and Nathalie Bonin

September 20th, 2019

Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center 8:00pm

Conductor and Producer Amy Andersson teams with composers Nathalie Bonin, Miriam Cutler, Anne-Kathrin Dern, Sharon Farber, Mandy Hoffman, Penka Kouneva, Starr Parodi, and Lolita Ritmanis, who together have created a rich and cinematic orchestral experience. Concertgoers will hear an unprecedented seventeen world premieres that inspire hope and courage for women and girls around the world.

Special guest artists include Afghan rapper/songwriter Sonita Alizadeh, fifteen year old singer/songwriter Isolde Fair and violinist Nathalie Bonin. Iranian human rights activist and author Masih Alinejad is the honored guest speaker.

Join us for this historical and stunning concert experience which celebrates the strength and heroism of female global activists fighting for human and civil rights, environmental causes, minority rights, gender equality and for the right of every girl to an education.