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Owen Pallett: Bio

A vivid and literal strain lies at the heart of Owen Pallett's work. From the recordings he first released as Final Fantasy, to those under his own name, Pallett's albums are an expression of his rare musical gifts that have grown more autobiographical with each successive release. The breadth of Pallett's creativity extends across the writing of operas, composing music for ballet and Oscar-nominated scores and soundtracks. Such achievements, along with Pallett being a continually in-demand studio presence for his peers - from Taylor Swift to The National - define him as the composer/arranger of his generation. His solo work is where these talents, matched with his singular abilities as a singer and songwriter, truly flourish.

1 Mount Analogue  
2 The Theater Of All Possibilities  
3 Horse Shit  
4 Heraclitus  
5 Ed's Theme  
6 Celestial Navigation  
7 Planet Earth  
8 Synergia Ranch  
9 Margaret Augustine  
10 The Test Module  
11 Biosphere 2 (i)  
12 Daughters Of The New Age  
13 Garden Of Eden  
14 State Occasions  
15 1991  
16 Biosphere 2 (ii)  
17 Oxygen Levels Falling  
18 Biosphere 2 (iii)  
19 Spaceship Earth  
20 Heraclitus (reprise)  
21 Biosphere 2 (iv)  
22 The Theater Of All Possibilities (reprise)  

Milan Records announces today's release of SPACESHIP EARTH (ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK) with music by composer, violinist, keyboardist and vocalist OWEN PALLETT.  The album features music written by Pallett for director Matt Wolf's documentary film following a 1991 experiment in self-quarantine. Known for both their critically acclaimed solo recordings as well as collaborations alongside artists like Arcade Fire, Frank Ocean, The National and more, Pallett now adds Spaceship Earth to a growing resume of score work that includes their Academy Award-nominated score for Spike Jonze's Her and their Emmy Award-winning compositions for Fourteen Actors Acting.  NEON launched Spaceship Earth everywhere on May 8.

Crossover Media Projects with: Owen Pallett