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PISA's PUNTORADIO: animajazz - features 'Confluencias' from Pablo Aslan

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In the episode n ° 870 of "ANIMAJAZZ", conceived and conducted by BRUNO POLLACCI , airing TUESDAY 11 June at 20.30, on PUNTORADIO, also in streaming on www.puntoradio.fm is 'Confluencias' from Pablo Aslas's latest recording; Contrabajo.

At the suggestion of bandoneonist, arranger, and composer Raúl Jaurena, Aslan set out to create a body of work for bass and string quartet, in order to feature the bass not only as foundation and a melodic instrument, but as a driver of rhythm. As I was mulling over the idea, he got an invitation from Cho-Liang Lin, Artistic Director of the La Jolla Music Festival, to play a concert with Paquito D'Rivera and the Escher String Quartet in 2016. In turn, Pac-man, as he calls himself, invited me to bring some repertoire to the musical shindig, and thus the album was off to a start. I enlisted my teacher and friend Gabriel Senanes, who lives in Buenos Aires, to write and arrange several pieces. This led naturally to inviting him to be the Artistic Producer. He contributed two mini-concerti that sent me to the practice shed for months and forced me to up my game, a common thread throughout the making of this album.

PUNTORADIO: animajazz is in collaboration with the PISA ACADEMY OF ART.  SEE THE PROGRAM PAGE