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Paul Dwyer


Bear Machine

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Bach: Courante, Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007

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1 Bach Prelude  
2 Allemande  
3 Courante  
4 Sarabande  
5 Bourree I and II  
6 Gigue  
7 Prelude  
8 Allemande  
9 Courante  
10 Sarabande  
11 Gavotte I and II  
12 Gigue  
13 Prelude  
14 Allemande  
15 Courante  
16 Sarabande  
17 Menuet I and II  
18 Gigue  
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Unlike most classical recordings where the edits and takes are chosen after the close of the recording sessions, Paul Dwyer and producer Josh Lee elected to record and edit the suites in real time within the studio. As Dwyer performed he would listen back to each take, focusing his point of view of each movement, only moving on when he felt he had captured his intended impression. Though this process took more time than  typical recording sessions, the attention to detail within the moment allowed Paul and the Bear Machine production team to capture a sense of continuity and spontaneity missing from many traditionally produced classical recordings.  

The cello used by Paul Dwyer on this recording is an exceedingly rare instrument made by Giovanni Battista Grancino, one of the finest makers of the Milanese school, around 1700 - about 30 years before Bach composed the cello suites. What makes this instrument particular is that is has survived for over 300 years virtually untouched or modified from when it was made. Most instruments from this era have been heavily modified to suit modern tastes, so it gives listeners a chance to hear Bach's music performed on an instrument much like those he would have known during his own lifetime. The instrument was kindly loaned to Paul Dwyer by New York based violin dealer and luthier, Christophe Landon, and was recently sold for over $1,000,000 USD. 

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