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Paula Cole


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Kyle Meredith with... Paula Cole
1 Revolution 4:17  
2 Shake The Sky 3:59  
3 Blues In Gray 3:50  
4 Silent 8:25  
5 Go On 5:58  
6 All Or Nothing 4:29  
7 7 Deadly Sins 5:08  
8 The Ecology (Mercy Mercy Me) 5:15  
9 Undertow (One Life Lost) 5:01  
10 Universal Empathy 6:55  
11 Dhammapada 2:18  
12 Hope Is Everyehere 10:30
13 St. Cecillia 3:29  
14 Go On 4:12  
15 Hope Is Everywhere - Edit
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"Revolution is an exceptional piece of work, a timely reminder of how soulful, perceptive and harrowing a writer and singer Cole is and has always been. It neither sags nor wears out its welcome. The songs that come towards the end, in particular "Universal Empathy", which wouldn't have sounded out of place on Teena Marie's Congo Square album (2010, Universal) and the epic "Hope Is Everywhere", which morphs from a trip-hop soul ballad into an all-out dance banger, are urgent and mobilising. Of course, Cole is most likely in sync politically with her fanbase, who are sure to love Revolution. But I hope the music will also reach other people who could benefit from hearing these bold, highly melodic polemics and cris de coeurs, and having their views challenged." 
Charles Donovan, popmatters

Paula Cole's tenth album, Revolution, fulfills the promise of her 1994 debut. Titled Harbinger, it hinted at what was to come in the singer-songwriter's life and career. It didn't so much foreshadow her subsequent accomplishments: the double-platinum second album, This Fire; her hit singles "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone" and "I Don't Want To Wait," her Best New Artist Grammy and an additional six Grammy nominations; or becoming a Grammy-nominated producer and founder of her own 675 record label. But Harbinger signaled Cole's dedication to breaking the silence of generations of women and giving voice to those left behind by history. 

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