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Peggy Sarlin

Let There Be Love

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1 Midnight Detective
2 Jasmine Perfume
3 California Kiss
4 Let There Be Love (Don't Forget Love)
5 Take Me To The Land Of Loving
6 Every Kind Of Lonely
7 The Deepest Satisfaction
8 Porcupine Papa
9 I Can't Stop The Sun
10 Happiest Ever After
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Singer/author/brain health advocate Peggy Sarlin is on a worthy journey, helping others and nurturing her artistic voice along the way. Her story is as unexpected as it is inspiring – she was signed to Columbia Records and had early success as a songwriter for Bette Midler and Patti LuPone, wrote scripts for popular children's television programs, and even wrote for NASA.

Everything changed in 2012, when her husband had a stroke. That personal trauma started a sequence of unlikely events. Through it all, music has been Sarlin's North Star. Her new Blues-infused album ‘Let There Be Love' finds the storyteller mining her fantasies (and her pain,) to create a vivid landscape of detail-driven songs. She comments, "Love is the great, inexhaustible topic. My new album sprang from my fascination with exploring love in all its infinite moods and manifestations. Happy memories flowed out of me; as well as laments for my current difficult situation. And I found deep fun in writing romantic fantasies that offer a dreamy escape.

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