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Peter Boyer

Symphony No. 1


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Peter Boyer - Symphony No 1
Apollo from Three Olympians - Colgan HS Philharmonic
Peter Boyer conducts the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios
Film.Music.Media Interview with Peter Boyer
The Journey Within - Peter Boyer
1 Silver Fanfare
2 Festivities
3 Three Olympians: I / Apollo
4 Three Olympians: II / Aphrodite
5 Three Olympians: III / Ares
6 Celebration Overture
7 Symphony No. 1: I / Prelude
8 Symphony No. 1: II / Scherzo/Dance
9 Symphony No. 1: III / Adagio
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Naxos has released the world premiere recording of Peter Boyer's Symphony No. 1. Featuring the London Philharmonic Orchestra under Boyer's direction at historic Abbey Road Studios, the disc also includes his Silver Fanfare, Festivities, Celebration Overture and Three Olympians. The 24-minute, three-movement symphony is the centerpiece, containing music both powerfully rhythmic and deeply lyrical, with an unmistakably American identity. Boyer dedicated his symphony to the memory of Leonard Bernstein, with the acceptance of Bernstein's children. In a review of this LPO recording, Gramophone wrote: "Boyer, who claims more than 300 performances by more than 100 orchestras, writes in a fluent, powerful style that fuses conservative American currents with Hollywood-ish size and populist sentiment."

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