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Peter Boyer conducts the London Symphony Orchestra in 'New Beginnings' at Abbey Road Studios
Celebration Overture - Choreography by Stuart Coleman | Music by Peter Boyer
Peter Boyer conducts the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios
Film.Music.Media Interview with Peter Boyer
The Journey Within - Peter Boyer
1 Celebration Overture  
2 Titanic  
3 Three Olympians: Apollo  
4 Three Olympians: Aphrodite  
5 Three Olympians: Ares  
6 The Phoenix  
7 Ghosts Of Troy: The Rage Of Achilles  
8 Ghosts Of Troy: The Death Of Patroclus  
9 Ghosts Of Troy: The Farewell Of Hector And Androma  
10 Ghosts Of Troy: The Combat Of Hector And Achilles  
11 Ghosts Of Troy: The Supplication Of King Priam  
12 Ghosts Of Troy: The Ransom And Burial Of Hector  
13 The New Beginnings  
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The acclaimed debut recording of GRAMMY nominated composer Peter Boyer with the world-renowned London Symphony Orchestra has been re-released by Propulsive Music. Featuring the works: Celebration Overture, Titanic, Three Olympians, The Phoenix, Ghosts of Troy, and New Beginnings, the album was recorded at Abbey Road Studios and originally released by Koch in 2001. Now remastered with superior sonic quality, the recording has been reissued under Boyer's own Propulsive Music label. In its original release, the recording enjoyed widespread critical acclaim in print and at broadcast, and was produced by GRAMMY winner Michael Fine.

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