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Peter Calandra


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Jellysmoke - Trailer
Four Winds by Peter Calandra (using Synthogy Ivory II American D Piano)
1 Jacob's Theme  
2 The Long Walk  
3 Jellysmoke  
4 Wondering  
5 Something's Off Here  
6 Just Like That  
7 On the Boulevard  
8 One Day in the Park  
9 Jellysmoke (Reprise)  
10 On the Boulevard (Reprise)  
11 Cindy's Samba  
12 Walk / Don?t Walk  
13 Lost Images  
14 What?s This?  
15 Tell Me Your Secrets  
16 Fun Times  
17 Jellysmoke (Reprise2)  
18 What Now?  
19 The Dream  
20 Please Help  
21 Tired of Running  
22 Jacob's Theme (Reprise)  
23 Losing: Part I  
24 Judas Paul  
25 Losing: Part II  
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Another infectious jazz score by the talented composer: Peter Calandra..Jellysmoke. MovieScore Media who has a special place in our hearts for Calandra, the writer of their acclaimed: 'Unknown Soldier' is delighted to present this new Calandra score for the award winning Mark Banning film. Written for piano, bass, drums, saxophone and trumpet, strings and electronics, it is rooted in restrained, yet thoughtful melancholy offering a variety of moods. Together with Unknown Soldier, Jellysmoke firmly establishes Peter Calandra as a major voice in film scoring.

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