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Peter Kater

Call Of Love

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Peter Kater - Call Of Love
Peter Kater - Breath Of Life
Peter Kater - Live Concert Performance - Spirit
Peter Kater & Dominic Miller - In A Dream 'Close to You'
1 Call Of Love  
2 Breath Of Life  
3 Song Of My Heart  
4 Everlasting Waltz  
5 Here For You  
6 In Every Life  
7 A Tale To Tell  
8 My Beloved  
9 Fields Of Gold  
10 Each Moment  
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Multi-Grammy Award nominee, Peter Kater invites three of the most gifted musicians of our time to create a beautifully melodic, richly colorful and textural recording that transcends many genre's at once. This is a pure hybrid of instrumental music originating from the core of Peter's most prolific and inspired Muse, the Natural World. This musical enchantment was born far away from the demands of the material world and mind. Here, in the "real" world, the natural world, within each moment and from every direction, resounds the Call Of Love.

10 New 'ON' this week: 70 Total
PRI/Echoes, The Harmonic Lounge, The Romantic Hours
Markets include: Wash DC, Philadelphia, Houston, Cleveland, Portland, Berkeley CA, Orlando, Jacksonville, Memphis, Chattanooga, El Paso, Colorado Springs, Fresno, Rochester NY, Ft. Wayne IN
Online: Humboldt 101, Taintradio, WGOE

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