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Peter Kater wins 'Best New Age Album' for 'Wings' / meaww

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The shocking death of Kobe Bryant took the world by storm but music lovers have now mournfully moved on to the prestigious Grammy Awards 2020, which acknowledges the best of music.

German-born American pianist Peter Kater wins Best New Age Album for 'Wings.' The pianist and composer was four when he moved to New Jersey and studied classical piano His album recordings include rhapsodic songs, abundant with emotion. Some tracks from the album are: 'Raven's Wings', 'Wings of Love', 'Hold Me Close', 'Angel's Nest', 'Wings', 'Flight', 'Swallow River', 'Remembrance', 'When We Meet Again' and 'Flight Reprise.' The other nominees in the category included 'Fairy Dreams' by David Arkenstone, 'Homage to Kindness' by David Darling, 'Verve' by Sebastian Plano and 'Deva' by Deva Premal. PHOTO: (Getty Images)