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Peter Kogan

Just Before Midnight

Koganote Records
Release Date: June 3, 2022

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A Neon Jazz Interview with Minneapolis-based Veteran Jazz Drummer Peter Kogan
Song Without A Word (2020)
1 Pow, Pow, Pow, Pow — Yeah! quintet 5:55  
2 Just Before Midnight (Etude #3) septet 7:26  
3 Owed To J.C. (Ode To John Coltrane) quartet 1 8:14  
4 Isle Of Kai septet 8:58  
5 ...And Another Thing (Etude #1) quintet 6:04  
6 I Dream of Danny Playing Guitar quartet 2 6:20  
7 Hindsight sextet 5:43  
8 “The Winter Of Our Discontent” (Etude #2) septet 7:09  
9 Song Without A Word Dominic Cheli, solo piano 4:59  
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With Just Before Midnight, his fourth album since 2013, the constantly evolving and very productive drummer-composer Peter Kogan delivers another far- ranging feast of originals (and a knowing arrangement of Cedar Walton’s classic Hindsight). All the qualities that made Kogan’s previous albums attractive — sophisticated-yet-accessible compositions, great players and soloists, and just enough quirkiness to make it interesting and fun — are here again, in abundance.

Kogan is the rare percussionist who has been able to travel back and forth between jazz, rock, and blues idioms and the classical world. He jobbed around New York City with jazz, rock, and blues bands (along the way backing up blues masters Lightnin’ Hopkins, Floyd Jones, and Honeyboy Edwards, and gigging with the Larry Elgart Orchestra) but could also stand behind a set of timpani in a concert hall with a major symphony orchestra. This kind of versatility — and crossover — is quite exceptional for a percussionist.

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