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Poor Clare Sisters of Arundel

Light for the World

Decca Records

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Light For The World (album visualiser)
1 Veni Creator Spiritus 02:13  
2 All Who Labour 03:49  
3 You Are Love (St Francis) 02:39  
4 Let The Love That Dwells In Your Hearts (St Clare) 02:07  
5 Gaze, Consider, Contemplate (St Clare) 03:12  
6 Earthly Kingdoms 02:15  
7 Ave Maria 04:28  
8 Pange Lingua 03:00  
9 Ubi Caritas 02:01  
10 In Paradisum 01:40  
11 Love Him (St Clare) 02:39  
12 Agnus Dei 02:28  
13 May Your Love (Psalm 32) 02:22  
14 Creator Alme Siderum 02:48  
15 Attende Domine 03:23  
16 Oh Lord Hear My Voice (Psalm 27) 02:39  
17 Let The Love That Dwells In Your Hearts (St Clare) (Chill Mix) 04:50  
18 Veni Creator Spiritus (Chill Mix) 02:16  
19 All Who Labour (Chill Mix) 03:21  
20 Earthly Kingdoms (Chill Mix) 02:15  
21 All Who Labour (Saib Remix) 03:31  
22 Veni Creator Spiritus (Psalm Trees Remix) 02:27  
23 All Who Labour (Jazzinuf Remix) 02:42  
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More than 800 years since they were founded, the Poor Clare Sisters of Arundel – a community of 23 nuns living in the south of England – have found themselves unexpected recording stars. Their album, Light for the World, released by Decca Records in October, is enjoying international chart success and they have become the UK's best-selling classical artist debut of 2020

Now, the Poor Clares are releasing a new digital deluxe version of their album, which combines traditional plainchant with added beats. The new album includes four brand new ‘chill' mixes – a soothing soundtrack for mindfulness and relaxation in challenging times.

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