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Quartet San Francisco

Whirled Chamber Music

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Raymond Scott - 'Boy Scout In Switzerland' - Quartet San Francisco (arranged by Robert Gilmore)
White Rabbit (Grace Slick)
Quartet San Francisco - Eleanor Rigby -- 02/09/2013
1 Powerhouse  
2 Spain  
3 The Mooche  
4 Pick Up the Pieces  
5 Tanguori  
6 Boy Scout in Switzerland  
7 Peter Tambourine  
8 I Hear Music  
9 Harlem Nocture  
10 Dawg's Bull  
11 Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen  
12 The Penguin  
13 Celebration on the Planet Mars  
14 Gee Offier Krupke  
15 The Toy Trumpet  
16 Under the Sea  
17 Siberian Sleighride  
18 What Is Hip?  
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Quartet San Francisco has received a Grammy Nomination for their latest release: Whirled Chamber Music, an irresistible mixture of genre-bending chamber music. Virtuosic and authentic tangueros, passionate jazz performers, playful and non-traditional in their delivery, QSF redefines the sound of chamber music and leaves concert-goers with a new appreciation for what can be accomplished by eight hands and sixteen strings. Whirled is blues, funk, jazz, tango, and rock and they perform each work from within the style in which it was conceived.

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Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Wash DC, Philadelphia, Dallas, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Cleveland, St. Louis, Portland, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Salt Lake, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Albuquerque, Honolulu, San Antonio, Louisville KY, Madison WI, Wichita, Rochester NY, CANADA
INTER: Australia, The Netherlands, New Zealand

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