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Rachel Barton Pine

Dependent Arising w/RSNO - Tito Munoz

Cedille Records
Release Date: April 11, 2023

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1 Dmitri Shostakovich Violin Concerto No. 1 in A minor, Op. 77 / I. Nocturne (11:33)  
2 II. Scherzo (6:22)  
3 III. Passacaglia (12:54)  
4 IV. Burlesque (4:54)  
5 Earl Maneein - Dependent Arising Concerto for Violin and Orchestra / I. Grasping at the self (14:06)  
6 II. The crows already knew of your grief. They will carry him home. (11:17)  
7 III. Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha. (6:01)  
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Cedille Records releases Dependent Arising, violinist Rachel Barton Pine’s 24th recording with the label. The album, inspired by the surprising consequences between classical and heavy metal music, pairs Dmitri Shostakovich's Violin Concerto No. 1 in A minor, Op. 77 with Earl Maneein's “Dependent Arising” — Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, a heavy metal-in?uenced classical concerto written expressly for Pine, performed with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra (RSNO) conducted by Tito Muñoz. Dependent Arising will be released on Friday, August 11.

While Rachel Barton Pine is widely known for her virtuosic and expressive performances of works from the Western classical music canon, she is also a heavy metal enthusiast and performer of the genre. Pine discovered her love for heavy metal as a teenager, and later performed at rock radio stations where she would intersperse her own arrangements of her favorite metal songs by Black Sabbath, AC/DC, and Metallica with works by Paganini and Ysaÿe in order to introduce new listeners to classical music. From 2009–2014 she was a member of the acclaimed doom/thrash metal band Earthen Grave, playing 6-string electric violin. With Dependent Arising, Pine explores connections between modern classical music and heavy metal and showcases her own unique journey within these two seemingly disparate genres.

The album explores themes of struggle, oppression, and defiance, which define Shostakovich’s oeuvre and resonate deeply with the essence of heavy metal music. Now a staple of the classical concerto repertory, Shostakovich's emotionally charged Violin Concerto No. 1 holds a special place among metal enthusiasts, with its diverse movements ranging from the haunting Nocturne to the relentless Burlesque. In her personal note for the album booklet.

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