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Rachel Currea

Reformation 500

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1 Our Father Now in Heaven Above  
2 Alleluia  
3 Non moriar sed vivam  
4 Non moriar sed vivam  
5 Our Father Now in Heaven Above  
6 In pace in idipsum  
7 A mighty fortress is our God  
8 We Stand in Righteousness  
9 Now Pray We All God Our Comforter  
10 Now Pray We All God Our Comforter  
11 Christ Lay in Death's Strong Bands  
12 Christ Lay in Death's Strong Bands  
13 Hymn to the Holy Spirit  
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Miami based composer, pianist, conductor, and recording artist Rachel Currea releases: The Reformation 500 Anniversary Album, Martin Luther Celebration of Spirit -1517-2017, on Friday, September 29, 2017. Created to honor and commemorate the religious, social, political, intellectual, and musical contributions of Martin Luther, the project culminates in October 2017 marking the 500th anniversary of the moment that Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the Castle Church door in Wittenberg, Germany thus sparking the Protestant Reformation. Currea was commissioned by Leonard Sweet, best-selling Christian author (Billion Soul Network) to write a Reformation Hymn and perform it in Castle Church, Wittenberg, Germany as part of the 500th Anniversary celebration. While writing, Currea felt inspired to rework some of Martin Luther's other hymns and set them to a new, more modern melody and arrangement.  

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