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Radical Face: Bio

1 Ashes
2 I'll Be There Soon
3 Ashes In The Wind
4 Home Movies
5 Hearsay
6 Tension
7 Leaving The Ground
8 Waltzing In The Ashes
9 Hunted
10 The Lost Garden
11 We All Fall Down
12 Horizon Lines
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Bear Machine Records is excited to announce the release of "Missing Film" by indie-folk artist Radical Face. Known for his cinematic and emotional music, Ben Cooper wrote and produced this 12 song collection with film makers in mind, focusing on mood and entirely instrumental arrangements -- a direct contrast to his traditional concept and story-driven albums. He has partnered with Noisetrade to give away the album, and is offering the music to students, young directors and content creators to use for free use in all non-commercial media.

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