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Ralph Towner

At First Light

Release Date: March 31, 2023

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1 Flow  
2 Strait  
3 Make Someone Happy  
4 Ubi Stunt  
5 Guitarra Piccante  
6 At First Light  
7 Danny Boy  
8 Fat Foot  
9 Argentinian Nights  
10 Little Old Lady  
11 Empty Stage  
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In his liner note for At First Light, Ralph Towner writes of the singularity of having most of his life’s work at one record label. He’s been an ECM artist for more than fifty years, appearing in many different contexts, one of the most important being a run of solo recordings which began with Diary in 1973. At First Light is the newest addition to the solo guitar series. “My solo recordings,” says Towner, “have always included my own compositions in which there are trace elements of the composers and musicians that have attracted me over the years. Musicians such as George Gershwin, John Coltrane, John Dowland, Bill Evans, to name a few. The blend of keyboard and guitar techniques is an important aspect of my playing and composition, and I feel that this album is a good example of shaping this expanse of influences into my personal music.”

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