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Regina Carter

Reverse Thread


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Regina Carter's Reverse Thread performs 'Artistya'
Regina Carter: Tiny Desk Concert
Regina Carter - N'teri, Live at KPLU
Regina Carter, Jazz violinist- full interview w/ Christian Howes.
1 Hiwumbe Awumba  
2 Full Time  
3 N'teri  
4 Artistiya  
5 Un Aguinaldo Pa Regina  
6 Kothbiro (Introduction)  
7 Kothbiro  
8 Zerapiky  
9 Day Dreaming On The Niger  
10 Juru Nani/God Be With You  
11 Kanou  
12 Mwana Talitambula  
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When preeminent violinist Regina Carter made the decision to record an album primarily of African folk tunes, she created a great challenge for herself: how do you take beautiful traditional music and infuse it with a contemporary feel while remaining true to its past - and then, not compromise its beauty' Her newest release, Reverse Thread, brilliantly responds to the challenge. Carter added an accordion and 'kora,' the West African harp traditionally played by village storytellers-to her longstanding rhythm section.

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