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Rick Cutler

First Melancholy, Then The Night Stretch

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Rick 'Machine' Cutler Grooving
1 Isle of Words Forgotten  
2 Gentle Nightmares  
3 Charlotte's Roads Before Her  
4 Alien Landscape 1  
5 Debussy  
6 From Then Till Now  
7 Measuring Eternity  
8 Noise  
9 Alien Landscape 2  
10 Song For Noel  
11 Indian Sunset  
12 A Dance  
13 Hymn  
14 Thank You  
15 Alien Landscape 3  
16 Who Needs Words  
17 A Song You've Heard Before  
18 Going Home  
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First Melancholy, Then The Night Stretch, the sophomore solo piano album from multitalented multi-instrumentalist Rick Cutler, is a marvelous second effort that delivers upon the promise of his debut disc, 'Sanctuaries' (which received words of praise from David Bowie's keyboardistMike Garson and former Sonny Rollins' pianist, Mark Soskin. An eclectic artist, Cutler eschews the categorization of his music, but cites the depth of the compositions and their improvisational elements along with an overall meditative feel as coming together in a way which should have appeal to lovers of jazz, classical, ambient electronica, new age, smooth jazz and folk music. Pristinely recorded so as to bring the sound of the piano into the listener's living room, the disc should easily find its way onto the shelves of collectors devoted to labels such as ECM and Windham Hill.

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Direct: DMX
Markets include: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, Cleveland, Denver, Portland, New Orleans, Chattanooga, Louisville, Wichita
International: Canada, UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands
Online:, RadioIO, The Jazz Intersection, worldbeat canada,, TM Blog
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