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Rick Cutler

From The Silence

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Rick 'Machine' Cutler Grooving
1 Painted Air Delusions
2 Please You Freely
3 A Mother's Song
4 From the Silence
5 A Sideways Glance
6 Morning Song
7 Robbery At Midnight
8 Elegy
9 Vince
10 Welcome to Wagner
11 Elegy: Epilogue
12 Are You Standing There?
13 Playground
14 Liquid Night Ballet
15 Empty Halls & Mirrors
16 Short Story By Moonlight
17 Before the Storm
18 Song for Sean
19 The Way Her Hair Falls
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"I continue to learn about and cultivate ‘The Silence' through my practice of Transcendental Meditation" - Rick Cutler
‘From The Silence' refers to that place of inner peace that dwells within each of us, and from which everything arises. The composing process for Cutler was fascinating. Without preconception the pieces on this album were pretty much written in the order as they appear in the track listing. 

11 NEW  102 Total Stations/Shows 
Markets include: San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Portland, Minneapolis, San Diego, New Orleans, Berkeley CA, Austin, Chattanooga TN, Raleigh NC, Hartford CT
Online: Jazzweekly, RadioIO, Taintradio, Jazz From Gallery 41, Live 365, The Jazz Intersection

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