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Blue Landscapes III makes CD Hotlist - April 'New Releases' pick

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Robert Thies & Damjan Krajacic Blue Landscapes III: Frontiers: Music from a Quieter Place

Struggling to figure out where to categorize this one, I noted that the press sheet characterized the music as "New Age/Contemporary Instrumental," whereas on Spotify it's been slotted onto the "Not Quite Classical" and "Chilled Classical" playlists. It's certainly not Rock or Pop, so I guess "classical" it will have to be for our purposes. Why is that problematic? Well, although the music sounds composed, it's actually mostly improvised; it's all for flute and piano, but the melodies and chord progressions are quite simple and - how shall I put this - vernacular: lots of easy-listening pentatonic melodies, lots of poppy sliding into the high notes. But simple doesn't mean simplistic, and there are some twists: the sudden multiphonics on "Forest Path," and the melismatic flights of melodic strangeness on "Infinity," for example. Needless to say, all of it is pretty, but unlike New Age music, most of it is more than merely pretty.