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Roberto Fonseca



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Roberto Fonseca - Afro Mambo
1 Cubano Chant  
2 Afro Mambo  
3 Tumbao De La Unidad  
4 Contradanza Del Espiritu  
5 Tierra Santa  
6 Sagrado Corazon  
7 Family  
8 Tierra Santa Santiago De Cuba  
9 Habanera  
10 Soul Guardians  
11 Asere Monina Bonco  
12 Despues  
13 Velas Y Flores  
14 Cubano Chant  
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For nearly two decades, Grammy nominated pianist Roberto Fonseca has been exploring and celebrating the music of his native Cuba. As a composer, producer, solo artist and collaborator with other Latin American music luminaries, he has served as a musical ambassador to his American neighbors to the north and to the rest of the world with his richly melodic compositions and recordings that capture the irrepressible Cuban sound and its rich musical history.

ABUC,his new album set for release on Impulse! Records on October 28, 2016, is just what the title suggests – a look backward at the evolution of Cuban jazz. Although nearly all 14 of the tracks on the album were written or co-written by Fonseca, the project as a whole overall feels like a retrospective of various musical styles and sources spanning several decades.

ABUCis the highly anticipated follow up to Yo, his 2012 recording that scored a Grammy nomination for Best Latin Jazz Album. Aided by more than thirty highly talented players, Fonseca infuses this new album with styles that are sometimes traditional, sometimes contemporary, but always distinctively Cuban.

"The idea was to show a different Cuba, perhaps from a different direction" says Fonseca. "That's why the album title is Cuba spelled backward. I wanted to review the Cuban music history – not only the styles that have influenced me most, but in a broader sense, so people could have a better idea of how the orchestras used to sound in those times."

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