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Tour Dates

03/01/2019Milano Music Master School / Milano, Italy
03/03/2019Sala Comunale / Cormons, Italy
03/09/2019Valli Pianoforti / Ancona, Italy
03/21/2019Scuola Sinfonia / Lucca, Italy
03/22/2019Teatro Metastasio / Prato, Italy
04/07/2019Teatro Sociale / Camogli, Italy
04/11/2019Orquesta de Extremadura / Caceres, Spain
04/12/2019Orquesta de Extremadura / Badajoz, Spain
05/06/2019Sureyya Opera House / Istanbul, Turkey
05/17/2019Teatro Cicognini / Prato, Italy
05/26/2019Sala Azzura / Pisa, Italy
05/28/2019Teatro Verdi / Pisa, Italy
05/31/2019Mantova Chamber Music / Mantova, Italy
06/01/2019Mantova Chamber Music / Mantova, Italy
06/02/2019Mantova Chamber Music / Mantova, Italy
06/08/2019Teatro Olimpico / Vicenza, Italy
06/11/2019Palazzo Chigi Saracini / Siena, Italy
08/05/2019Vendsyssel Festival / Hjoerring, Denmark
08/30/2019Teatro Il Maggiore / Verbania, Italy
09/01/2019Festival Pergolesi Spontini / Jesi, Italy
09/07/2019Grunewaldsalen / Stockholm, Sweden
09/11/2019NCPA / Mumbai, India
09/13/2019NCPA / Mumbai, India
09/15/2019Mazda Hall / Pune, India
09/22/2019Teatro Nacional / San Miguel de Tucuman, Tucuman Province
09/25/2019Teatro Nacional / San Miguel de Tucuman, Tucuman Province
10/12/2019Sala Aurea / Castiglione delle Stiviere, Italy
10/14/2019Teatro La Fenice / Venezia, Italy
10/15/2019Teatro La Fenice / Venezia, Italy
10/16/2019Teatro La Fenice / Venezia, Italy
10/17/2019Teatro La Fenice / Venezia, Italy
10/18/2019Teatro La Fenice / Venezia, Italy
10/19/2019Teatro La Fenice / Venezia, Italy
10/27/2019NCPA Beijing / Beijing, China
10/29/2019Istituzione Universitaria dei Concerti / Roma, Italy
11/11/2019Amici Della Musica / Palermo, Italy
11/12/2019Amici Della Musica / Palermo, Italy
11/17/2019Amici Della Musica Firenze / Florence, Italy
11/24/2019Solisti Veneti / Padova, Italy
12/07/2019Accademia Filarmonica / Messina, Italy
12/08/2019Associazione Musicale Etnea / Catania, Italy
12/16/2019Orquesta de la Communidad de Madrid / Madrid, Spain

Roberto Prosseda: Bio

Roberto Prosseda is a highly gifted pianist most closely associated with the lesser known piano works of Felix Mendelssohn. Indeed, his Mendelssohn series of recordings for Decca carries the words "rarities" and "discoveries" on the covers, and the repertory -- the recently unearthed Piano Concerto in E minor (the so-called No. 3, reconstructed by Marcello Bufalini) and various solo works previously unrecorded -- fully lives up to the claims. Prosseda has also ventured onto other fairly uncharted turf, recording the complete piano outputs of Goffredo Petrassi and Luigi Dallapiccola, the latter series earning five Diapason awards from the influential French musical magazine Diapason. Prosseda has appeared at some of the most prestigious concert venues across Europe and the U.S., including Carnegie Hall, the Berlin Philharmonie, and Wigmore Hall in London, sites where he introduced the Mendelssohn E minor Piano Concerto. Despite his devotion to the little known, Prosseda's repertory is hardly limited to it: he plays an array of works by J.S. Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, Chopin, Brahms, and many others. Prosseda is also a highly respected musicologist, a factor giving him an edge in excavating rarities by Mendelssohn and others, as well as editing problematic compositions. Prosseda's recordings are available on the Decca and Naxos labels.

Roberto Prosseda was born in Latina, Italy, in 1975. From 1994-1998 he studied at the Accademia Pianistica in Imola, where his most important teachers were Boris Petrushansky and Alexander Lonquich. He had subsequent training at the Cadenabbia, Italy-based International Piano Foundation under Leon Fleisher, Charles Rosen, Dmitri Bashkirov, and Karl Ulrich Schnabel.

Prosseda won a string of piano competition prizes, including at the Franz Schubert Competition in Dortmund and the Salzburg-based W.A. Mozart Competition. In the early years of the new century, Prosseda began appearing regularly at major concert venues in Europe, Asia, and the Americas and was also active unveiling and championing many previously unknown piano works of Mendelssohn.

In the 2007-2008 season Prosseda presented many of these discoveries and rarities on tour in Berlin, Leipzig, Milan, London, Toronto, the Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival (Finland), Ravenna Festival, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, and other notable venues.

Prosseda launched his acclaimed series of Mendelssohn piano works for Decca in 2006 with the album Mendelssohn Discoveries, which contained 13 previously unrecorded solo piano pieces. Among his later recordings is the 2009 Decca CD containing the Mendelssohn E minor Piano Concerto, with conductor Riccardo Chailly.

Roberto Prosseda

Mozart: Piano Sonatas Nos. 13-18

Decca Italy

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Roberto Prosseda plays Mendelssohn's Piano concerto n. 1 op. 25 with Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra

Roberto Prosseda closes the Mozart sonatas series with not equal tuning. Is there really any need for yet another recording of Mozart's sonatas' Is it still possible to say something new when playing these compositions while maintaining respect for the score and for the composer's indications' If Mozart were alive today, would he prefer to perform his sonatas on a fortepiano of the time or on a modern piano' 

These are questions to which it is not possible to give an unequivocal answer, but on which I have reflected a great deal, also profiting from the availability of the sources and of many recent philological studies. In the letter to his father cited earlier, written on 17 October 1777, Mozart declared his enthusiasm for a new Stein piano that he had tried out, which was provided with a rudimentary system for working the dampers (corresponding to the right pedal on modern instruments).