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Robin McKelle - Abracadabra
Robin McKelle Live Session for Jazz FM
Robin McKelle & the Flytones - Stax Soul Session - 1
Robin McKelle - Lyla
1 Abracadabra  
2 Comes Love  
3 I Want To Be Loved  
4 Lover Man  
5 Cheek To Cheek  
6 Day By Day  
7 Save Your Love For Me  
8 Go To Hell  
9 Lullaby Of Birdland  
10 Make Someone Happy  
11 Remember  
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Robin McKelle comes out swinging on her second disc of big band jazz, Modern Antique. The bassist plucks some fat, rich chords, the pianist skitters over the keys, and McKelle herself confidently scats over the melody while the horn section eggs her on. The mood is playfully flirtatious, just this side of naughty. The entire combo is having so much fun and so are you that the tune is almost over before you realize it's an ingenious re-arrangement of Steve Miller's seventies classic, "Abracadabra."

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SYND: WFMT: Jazz w/Bob Parlocha, PRI: Jazz After Hours, Jazz Variations, Music of Your Life, Sixty Second CD, The Bill Miller Show
Networks: CBC, GPB, KPR
Direct: XM: Real Jazz, Bloomberg Radio
Markets include: Los Angeles, Boston, Wash DC, Philadelphia, Seattle, Minneapolis, Atlanta, Houston, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Baltimore, Detroit, Las Vegas, San Diego, Long Island NY, Indianapolis, Salt Lake City, Orlando, Raleigh NC, Tucson AZ, Sacramento, Wichita, Omaha, CANADA

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