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Audiophile Audition is very excited by Roman Rabinovich

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The young pianist Roman Rabinovich appears to be at the start of a multi-volume recording of Haydn's piano sonatas, seven included here across two discs. Included in the notes for this first installment are a number of interesting facets of Haydn's life which I found prepared me for listening, and also presumably function as the artist's own preparation in better understanding Haydn's musical language. For instance, I did not know that Haydn's first real notice as a musician came as a singer, and he was recommended to become a castrato! Important for all of us, I think, is the reminder that Haydn's musical journey began before Mozart's but that he was still active after Mozart's death.

My reservations for creating a historical perspective for performance in the choice of instruments and recording spaces aside, I'm very excited for the continuation of this recital of Haydn's piano sonatas by Roman Rabinovich.  The energy and enthusiasm held by the artist for this music, his technical and emotive gifts, and the overall sound are all noteworthy. - Sebastian Herrera

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