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Seong-Jin Cho kicks off 47th Istanbul Music Festival / DAILY SABAH

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The 47th Istanbul Music Festival will kick off tomorrow with performances by world-renowned musicians who have made praiseworthy personal touches on treasures of music history. Organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), the festival, which will continue until June 30, has been given the theme "Darkness of Being, Lightness of Being," inspired by the role of music in the journey of enlightenment and the dual nature of the universe.

This year's Festival is hosting 150 works at 15 venues and 22 concerts over 20 days with music from the most remarkable composers of the 20th century, including Baroque giants such as Bach, Vivaldi and Handel and also selections from Shostakovich, jazz and Ottoman classics. In its 47th year, it will highlight the importance of enlightenment through music, which is the most impressive type of art in expression of dualities in life while hosting performances and concerts that focus on the contrast of dark and light.

The opening performance will be given by Seong-Jin Cho, born in 1994, the winner of the 17th International Fryderyk Piano Competition. The guest of major orchestras since October 2015, Simon Rattle, "a poet on the piano," as mentioned by Seong-Jin Choi, will perform for a Turkish audience for the first time. As the opening orchestra of Istanbul Music Festival, Tekfen Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing with conductor and art director Aziz Shokhakimov on Tuesday, June 11 at Lütfi Kırdar Congress and Exhibition Center.