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Seven Octaves: Bio

"mixes '60s sci-fi drive in styled synth, jazzy improvisation, and a simple but catchy beat to great effect...immensely catchy" - ReGen Magazine

"amazed me thanks to its freshness and to its particular mix of techno and 70s electronic music." - Chain D.L.K.

Hey all it's Seven Octaves aka Kenny MacKenzie. I'm a Long Island boy; now a transplant to paradise, aka Florida. I've been doing this electronic thing off and on for a long while. I started recording as Seven Octaves in September of 2005 for what would become the "Snow Frogs" ep (2006). I'm fairly arrogant so I wasn't surprised at it's acceptance on college radio, lol, but I was thrilled nonetheless, and inspired to make my first full-length album "Simple Work" (2008). The time between releases was due partly to me also being a jazz pianist, and putting out albums in that milieu. In the summer of 2009 I moved down here to FL. A Christmas music connoisseur, (the hokier the better) I wanted to make my own contribution. Thus was born "Nativity Set" (2009). 

I found the first year or so in FL pretty darn lonely (thank God for FB!) so I let the loneliness be my muse for the next release "Encouragements" (2011); the most successful release to date; doing particularly well in Canada, and being picked up by the awesome nightly show "Undercurrents"; a nationally syndicated program that played tunes from the album a few times a week for over a year.

The last 2 years I've been busy with a podcast (Palm Coast Jazz) and a radio show (Jazz Greats on WFCF) and needed a break from home recording. I managed to get 2 more Christmas tracks out and a collaborative single ("Meditation in C") with Italian saxophonist and friend Emanuele Coluccia.

Currently, I'm back at it, finishing up tracks that have been in progress for 1-2 years, and inspired to make a new full-length. I'm finding my sound evolving away from attempts at dance music (which I never really achieved) and motoring on to electro-funk and rock. Meanwhile - anything I finish up this year will be released digitally for free - to thank any fans who are still interested in what I'm doing.

1 1-2-3
2 What Now My Love
3 L-O-V-E
4 Who Can I Turn To
5 Call Me
6 With These Hands
7 Michelle
8 Sneakin Up On You
9 Everybody Loves Somebody
10 The Shadow of Your Smile
11 Dominiques Discoteque
12 I Should Have Kissed Him More

Sarah Vaughan fully embraced the best pop music of her lengthy career, and her 1966 release "The New Scene" is ample evidence - buoyed with exuberant and thoughtful interpretation. It was this enthusiasm that inspired and fueled jazz pianist Kenny MacKenzie (aka Seven Octaves) to recreate the album instrumentally - with brand new and often exotic arrangements that borrow elements from 1950's space-age pop.

            This is the first time Kenny has merged his seemingly disparaged musical careers. As a pianist he has most often recorded his own compositions in trio or quartet format - striking a note with many radio stations; receiving generous airplay nationally and abroad with releases like "There You Are" & "Moved". As Seven Octaves in an entirely different milieu he scored several #1 slots across college radio in America with releases like "Simple Work" and "Encouragements"; the later in regular rotation on the nationally syndicated nighttime show "Undercurrents" for two years.

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