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A sense of unity exists on Sharon Isbin's 'Strings for Peace' / Musicalmemoirs

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Sharon Isbin is a multiple Grammy-Winning guitarist.  On this CD, she is celebrating the tradition of ragas and talas birthed in North Indian classical music.   Amjad Ali Khan has composed all four songs for this project based on popular ragas and arranged expressly for Sharon Isbin.   The four artists are joined by Amit Kavthekar on tabla.  Amit is a disciple of Indian drummers like Alla Rakha and his son Zakir Hussain.

Sharon Isbin titled the music of Khan (with emphasis on guitar and sarod) "sheer genius."  Many people have heralded this quartet's ability to use their mystical and traditional music to cross barriers of language and culture.  A sense of unity exists in this emotional music that blends Indian tradition with Western music by connecting the sarod and guitar.  Both instruments are stringed and encourage the musicians to pluck and play them similarly.  The idea here is to cross-fertilize both the cellular and cosmic levels of Western and Eastern classical music traditions.  They seem to have easily accomplished this with "Strings for Peace."  Although I would not classify this music as jazz, it fits perfectly into the realm of music that is created to change consciousness and unite cultures.

The documentary "Sharon Isbin: Troubadour" has been made available on over 200 PBS Stations across the United State and abroad.  It won the ASCAP Television Broadcast Award.  Isbin has over thirty albums released and has sold nearly a million copies.  This is another plume in the beautiful hat she wears to celebrate her successful and artistic achievements.