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Sharon Isbin chats with 95.5KHFM

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Interview with KHFM's Brent Stevens

Guitarist Sharon Isbin recently released her newest collection of diverse music entitled Affinty. On this historic ZOHO release, the  legendary guitarist performs multi-faceted and virtuosic new works for guitar, written for her by four leading composers. From the Africa-influenced El Decameron Negro by iconic Cuban guitarist/composer Leo Brouwer, through the Chinese and Spanish-inspired Seven Desires for Guitar by Tan Dun, to Richard Danielpour's sensual song cycle Of Love and Longing (with multiple Grammy winner Isabel Leonard) and the  jazz and world music-influenced Affinity: Concerto for Guitar & Orchestra by Chris Brubeck with the Maryland Symphony Orchestra/Elizabeth Schulze, Sharon Isbin gives her inimitable imprint to, and vastly enriches major new repertoire for guitar. The four world premieres also include a two-guitar arrangement for her by Colin Davin of Antonio Lauro's Waltz #3 Natalia. 

Isbin speaks with 95.5:KHFM: Albuquerque - Brent Stevens about the meaning behind the recording's title. Listen to the attached interview