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Sharon Isbin's 2 new releases makes 'beyond criticism': summer's end recap'

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Let me not dwell on this most disorienting summer of all our lives except to say that I hope you're coming through. At Catch of the Day, we've been chugging along, chalking up many fine discoveries. On a discouraging note, Radio Free America shut down on August 15. Thus, the seven-day streaming option I just announced has abruptly ceased to exist. For the foreseeable future, "Catch of the Day" is once again, worse luck, a live exclusive. On the plus side, you can still stream our playlists on Apple Music. 

Sharon Isbin, Strings for Peace - Premieres for Guitar and Sarod (Zoho Music 2020) features Sharon Isbin, guitar; Amaan Ali Bangash, sarod; Amit Kavthekar, tabla. 'beyond criticism' features; By the Moon - Raga Behag & 'Seven Desires for Guitar' from Sharon Isbin - Affinity (Zoho Music 2020).

The guitar phenomenon Sharon Isbin, who knows no borders, dominated our first half hour with ambitious exotica redolent of India and China. Over the arc of its quarter-hour duration, the raga progressed towards a silken blend of Western and darkly sensuous Hindustani sonorities. As the title of the Tan Dun solo suggested, it was highly episodic, conjuring kaleidoscopic moods, now dreamy, now wild, now densely textured, now lighter than air. For the record, this isn't the artist's first rodeo on Catch of the Day. In July 2017, we dipped into the duo album Alma Española, on which Isbin partners Isabel Leonard, mezzo soprano.

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