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1 Alleluia  

Taking a fresh approach to singing "Alleluia" -- one of the most well recognized and universal chants in the world -- the classically-trained duo, Shunia, adds layers of depth with the 23rd Psalm performed in Latin as well as Gregorian chant and global instruments. Beautiful, yet haunting, Shunia's "Alleluia" is another unique yet timeless offering that is perfect for the season of lights. 




Dominus regit me, et nihil mihi deerit: in loco pascuæ, ibi me collocavit. 

Super aquam refectionis educavit me; animam meam convertit. 

Deduxit me super semitas justitiæ propter nomen suum. 

Nam etsi ambulavero in medio umbræ mortis, non timebo mala, quoniam tu

mecum es. 

Virga tua, et baculus tuus, ipsa me consolata sunt. 

 - 23.Psalm


WHO IS SHUNIA? Shunia is a duo (Lisa Reagan and Suzanne Jackson) that combines addictive melodies, ancient chants and polycultural rhythms into a sound that feels both new and timeless. Together, they create genre-defying music to transform and connect you to the energy within and around you.


Executive Producer Lisa Reagan

Directed by Jordan Mizrahi

©2020 Satori Productions, LLC •


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