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Global Heart Q&A's with Shunia

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When you are in Shunia, you can most easily access your Soul without all the distractions. You are still and receptive-you in perfect harmony. – Kara Johnstad

Global Heart's Esther Haasnoot interviewed Shunia about the spirit of sacred chant and the release of their new album. She writes.....Melodies and chants to uplift, transcend, and energize our Lives.

Shunia is the zero point, a place where you can get to when you meditate. Repeating or sing the same phrase or word over and over again continuously has a beneficial effect on body, mind, and spirit. This practice is known as chanting, from the Latin "Cantare," which means "to sing". Chanting is a spiritual discipline believed to improve listening skills, heightened energy, and more sensitivity toward others. When you chant mantras your mind releases the positive energy that decreases the negative thoughts or stress. Chanting is practiced by many traditions, usually as a route to spiritual development. 

Shunia – music duo Lisa Reagan and Suzanne Jackson, co-composed with Tony Award-winning producer Jamshied Sharifi an impressive new album called Shunia where they blend the art forms of opera, mantra, chant, and world music, into a captivating new sound. The mantras on their album have been sung for thousands of years. The intention in each word has a vibrational energy to it, that brings feelings of joy, hope, and awareness at a crucial moment in time. A page on the Shunia website further explains the meaning of each mantra.