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Sinikka Langeland

Wind and Sun

Release Date: September 15, 2023

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1 Row My Ocean  
2 Wind And Sun (instrumental)  
3 It Walks And Walks  
4 When The Heart Is A Moon  
5 Hands That Held  
6 A Child Who Exists  
7 A Window Tells  
8 The Love  
9 Wind Song  
10 A Child Who Exists  
11 Wind And Sun  
12 You Hear My Heart Come  
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Being in a room with Sinikka Langeland is like being charmed into a northern forest under a night sky. Her presence and her voice are magical enough, but when she plays her kantele you can almost feel nature itself quivering with joy. - Fiona Talkington, Songlines

Few artists have embodied the idea of the spirit of place as comprehensively as Sinikka Langeland whose music, performances, research and recordings have given a new profile to the culture of Finnskogen – the “Forest of the Finns” on Norway’s border with Sweden. Half-Finnish herself, Langeland (born in Grue in 1961) plays the Finnish national instrument, the kantele, and draws upon older traditions of folk music including rune songs and incantations in the creation of vibrantly new work. Her songs give voice to the interdependence of humanity, the natural world of plants and animals and the world of spirits. Sinikka’s deeply-rooted music has often branched out to connect and communicate with key exponents of other arts – improvisers from the jazz world, classical musicians, poets, visual artists. Sometimes, reviewer Audun Vinger suggested of recent performances at Vossajazz, Sinikka seems “ultra-hip, like a Finnish Forest Alice Coltrane. At other times, we are in the Middle Ages, in the church, in the jazz club...” The expressive arc of the music extends from the archaic to the creatively forward-looking.

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