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Fight or Flight


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Fight or flight (Music Video)
1 Breaking Point  
2 Fight or Flight  

Fight or Flight is a song that was written during the height of the pandemic by guitarist and bandleader Aleksi Glick. A few months ago things had seemed to be just fine. His career was going well and he as well as his family and friends were healthy. This all changed very suddenly in March when Glick himself began to feel quite sick with what turned out to be Covid-19. Worse yet his father had gotten a case that had put him in the hospital, not to mention just like so many other musicians his career had been completely brought to a halt. Needing to process all of this Glick went into a composing frenzy. It was his way of coming to terms with all that had suddenly changed. During this time he thought a lot about the choices that he had previously made in his life and how they had affected where he was today and the difficult choices he would have to make in the coming months if he wanted to push through with all his life goals.

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