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Sofiane Pamart


Release Date: October 27, 2023

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A Colors
'Solitude' from“ en session pour Boomerang
1 Noche  
2 Corazo  
3 Vera  
4 Miedo  
5 Luna  
6 Peliucula  
7 Sensual  
8 Estrella  
9 Tiempo  
10 Ferdi  
11 Memoria  
12 Muerte  
13 Aventura  
14 Suenao  
15 Triste  
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After the international successes of PLANET and LETTER, acclaimed award-winning pianist Sofiane Pamart will return on October 20 with his third solo album, NOCHE, set for release via DEMAIN / [PIAS].

His first body of work, PLANET offered a journey around the world, the second was a letter of love addressed directly to his audience, this third project will plunge you into the depths of the night. Always nomadic in essence, always attached to cherishing the deep bond he has forged with his audience; Sofiane Pamart returns here after an adventure of several months spent in Latin America where he composed the entirety of this new album. With his status as a pianist now affirmed after sold-out shows around the world, including a recent tour of North America, he today delivers his new single “Noche”, eponymous to the album.

“Noche” is a signature track from Sofiane with a conquering style that shines through from the first notes, bringing with it an emotional accuracy that is specific to the artist. 

The accompanying video for “Noche” is once again directed by Guillaume Héritier, Sofiane’s frequent collaborator who worked alongside him on the visuals for PLANET and LETTER

The video brings together all the ingredients that have forged the making of NOCHE: travel, poetry, melancholy, romance, anger and mystery. Filmed in six different countries, you will experience the landscapes and intrigues that play out in Mexico, in Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru and the Dominican Republic through the artist’s lens. From the ancestral pyramids to the idyllic sweetness of the Caribbean; this trip will form a common thread throughout the new music.

A first taster from the new album, this single marks the beginning of a new arc in the singular career of Sofiane Pamart, who continues both his meteoric rise and his sharing of intimate and universal emotions. Sofiane will support the release of the new album with a North American tour in March 2024. Dates for the tour can be found below.

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