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Sophie Hutchings

Love & Keep

Mercury KX

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Love & Keep EP
Love & Keep (Visualiser)
Love & Keep - In studio Part 1
Love & Keep - In studio Part 2
1 Not Alone  
2 Elysian Days  
3 Love & Keep  
4 A Sense of Nearing  
5 Light Over the Moor  
6 Go to Sleep Now  
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"Sometimes melancholic, often with an exhilarating beauty." - The Guardian

Following the release of the singles Elysian Days and Not Alone from Australian composer Sophie Hutchings, today she presents her Love & Keep EP, that floats in calm repose as her unique piano style dances over a melody of peaceful quietude.

As an insomniac, Sophie has established musical creativity into her evening routine to aid her sleep. Love & Keep embraces Sophie's love for nature, with an elegant nod to world sleep day. The EP draws from nature's diversity to bring true an all-encompassing tranquillity into a potentially uncertain space.  

"Love & Keep is a bit of nostalgic contemplation on appreciating the simple things that we perhaps took for granted and now value as extremely precious. Instead of holding onto and valuing something from before, it's about building on that, rather than allowing the world of technology to fill in the social fabric and to consider the longevity and significance of friendships in time of uncertainty and struggle. I guess it's also just allowing time to ponder, and breathe, to free us of extra anxiety to what has already been brought upon us and to not feel alone in that." - Sophie Hutchings

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