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BBC - Frozen Planet II

Silva Screen Music America
Release Date: January 27, 2023

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Frozen Planet II prequel
Camila Cabello and Hans Zimmer - ‘Take Me Back Home’
1 The Frozen Planet  
2 Harp Seal Pup  
3 Silent Sky  
4 Origins of Life  
5 Boreal Forest  
6 Arrival of Spring  
7 Beluga Escape  
8 Beluga Escape  
9 Giants of the Deep  
10 Orca Ramming  
11 Showdown at the Shore  
12 Aurora Borealis I  
13 Aurora Borealis II  
14 Full Bloom  
15 Projectile Vomit  
16 Losing Ice  
17 Wrangel Island  
18 Crisis  
19 Kingdoms of Ice  
20 Journey to the Southern Ocean  
21 Daylight Robbery  
22 Amur Tiger  
23 Full Flight Capacity  
24 Tundra Awakening  
25 Hunting Grounds  
26 Many Winters  
27 Frozen Peaks  
28 Atacama Winds  
29 Learning to Breathe  
30 The Matriarch  
31 Hide and Seek  
32 Wandering Albatross  
33 Companionship  
34 Scars of the Earth  
35 Then There Will Be a Future  
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The 2-CD physical soundtrack to the natural history landmark sequel Frozen Planet II will be released on Jan 27, 2023 in the US. Frozen Planet II premieres Saturday, January 28th at 8pm ET/7pm C on BBC America and AMC+.

The Emmy and BAFTA nominated Bleeding Fingers Music team, headed by Hans Zimmer, deliver an ethereal and powerful soundtrack featuring the vocals of AURORA and backed by the Reykjavík Recording Choir and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. The 3-note leitmotif from the opening theme is slowly varied and carried by the waves of shifting harmonies supported by crystalline strings, metallic percussion, and contemplative brass. On the second album the sound becomes more defined with the themes establishing themselves whilst the swirling and pulsating orchestral sound intermittently supports and drowns them.

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