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James Newton Howard - DEFIANCE (2008) Soundtrack Suite
Defiance The Official Motion Picture Soundtrack- #1 Defiance Main Titles
Joshua Bell playing violin at Jewish Wedding Ceremony / scene from 'Defiance'
1 Defiance Main Titles  
2 Survivors  
3 Make Them Count  
4 Your Wife  
5 The Bielski Otriad  
6 Bella and Zus  
7 Exodus  
8 Camp Montage  
9 The Wedding  
10 Winter  
11 Escaping the Ghetto  
12 Police Station  
13 Tuvia Kisses Lilka  
14 Nothing is Impossible  
15 The Bielski Brothers/Ikh Bin A Mame  
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Superstar Violinist Joshua Bell is the featured soloist in seven-time Oscar nominated Composer James Newton Howard's original score for Defiance, based on an extraordinary true story about three Jewish brothers who were responsible for saving over 1,200 Jews during WWII. Directed by Academy Award-winning producer Edward Zwick (Blood Diamond), the film stars Daniel Craig (Casino Royale), Liev Schreiber (The Painted Veil) and Jamie Bell (Billy Elliott). Sony Classical releases the film's original soundtrack on Tuesday, December 9, 2008 and the Paramount Vantage film.

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