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Puss in Boots

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1 Bad Kitty  
2 One Leche  
3 Jack and Jill  
4 Holy Frijoles  
5 Chasing Tail  
6 Diablo Rojo (Rodrigo y Gabriela)  
7 Humpty Dumpty & Kitty Softpaws  
8 The Orphanage  
9 Honor and Justice  
10 That Fateful Night  
11 The Wagon Chase  
12 Team Effort  
13 Planting the Beans  
14 The Magic Beanstalk  
15 Castle in the Clouds  
16 Golden Goose of Legend  
17 Hanuman (Rodrigo y Gabriela)  
18 Confronting the Past  
19 I Was Always There  
20 Kitty-Cat Break-Out  
21 The Great Terror  
22 Farewell to San Ricardo  
23 The Puss Suite  
24 The Puss Suite  
25 The Giant's Castle  
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To provide music to suit the character of the swaggering Puss and the voices of Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek, composer Henry Jackman used the folk instruments of traditional Latin music. His movie score also pays homage to the Spanish composer Manuel de Falla, who is best-known for his nocturne for piano and orchestra Nights in the Gardens of Spain and the ballet music for The Three-Cornered Hat. Jackman blended guitars and Latin percussion with an orchestral sound that shows the Impressionist influences of Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel.

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