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Red Tails

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1 Opening Titles  
2 The Train  
3 The Church  
4 Visit Sofia  
5 Operation Shingle  
6 Lightning in Trouble  
7 German Airfield  
8 Victory Rolls  
9 Junior Medical/Luntz Screening  
10 Lightning Jail  
11 Bomber Briefing  
12 Takeoff  
13 Waiting for Bombers  
14 Deacon Damaged  
15 German Destroyer  
16 Deacon's Crash  
17 Junior Prison  
18 The Proposal  
19 Junior Escapes  
20 Luntz Berlin  
21 Paper Plane  
22 Mission Orders/Stance Berlin  
23 Maurice Killed  
24 Attack from Above  
25 Pretty Boy Killed  
26 Lightning is Hit  
27 Lightning's Gone  
28 End Credits/America the Beautiful  
29 It's Been A Long, Long Time  
30 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy  
31 Blue Skies  
32 Bless You  
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Sony Classical is pleased to announce the release of Red Tails: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack featuring leading jazz trumpeter and five-time Grammy winner Terence Blanchard as composer and soloist. Red Tails is a gripping action film set in World War II. Red Tails was inspired by true events: the story of the Tuskegee Airmen, African-American fighter pilots who had to overcome discrimination both as citizens and as soldiers in order to be allowed to fly into combat and prove their worth as expert airmen. The movie, by executive producer George Lucas and first-time feature director Anthony Hemingway has a powerful acting line-up, starring Cuba Gooding Jr., winner of an Academy Award as Best Supporting Actor for his role in Jerry Maguire, Terrence Howard and Brian Cranston (Emmy Award-winner in Breaking Bad.

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