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Snowden - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Snowdenfeatures original music by Craig Armstrong and Adam Peters.

Berlin, August2016. Deutsche Grammophon is pleased to announce the September release of Snowden – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack · Music by Craig Armstrong and Adam Peters, in parallel with the theatrical release of Snowden, the latest and much-anticipated blockbuster film from Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone.

Snowdenfeatures the complete scored music from the film – a total of 14 tracks, six byCraig Armstrong and seven by Adam Peters, both of whom are renowned fortheir compelling and evocative film scores. The14th track is DJ and producer Boys Noize's remix of Secret Downloading, a theme composed by Armstrong, variations of which appear thoughout the film. The album will be available on CD and as a digital download.

DG will also release a second, digital-only album, Snowden Orchestral Score by Craig Armstrong which extends the film's music to include 25 orchestral tracks, all composed for the project by CraigArmstrong and recorded by the redoubtable London Sinfonietta.

Snowdenis a politically charged thriller starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as former CIA employee Edward Snowden, the controversial figure who exposed the shocking scope of the American government's sanctioned surveillance activities of dubious legality all around the world. Co-written and directed by Oliver Stone, the film portrays the real-life escapades of Snowden and how he eluded the U.S. government's grasp in collecting – and then leaking to the media – a vast trove of secret and incriminating documents from America's spy agencies, before eventually finding sanctuary in Russia.

The film's soundtrack plays an integral role in establishing the taut atmosphere of intrigue, personal risk, and dangerous geo-political tension which permeates the narrative of Snowden from beginning to end. Composers Armstrong and Peters have created a mélange of orchestration, but interspersed and overlaid it with electronics – a musical theme echoing the high-tech digital espionage central to Snowden's story.

Craig Armstrong and Adam Peters are both classically-trained British composers who, following successful independent careers in the classical sphere, have also been working extensively in film music composition for the last two decades. Armstrong's credits include the award-winning soundtracks for Romeo + Juliet, Moulin Rouge! and Ray. Peters has equally acclaimed credits that range from The Man Whose Mind Exploded to Paddington. The two have also worked on other Oliver Stone projects prior to this: Peters wrote the score for Savages (2012), Armstrong composed the music for World Trade Center (2006) and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps(2010), and both men contributed to the score for the documentary series The Untold History of the United States (2012).