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1 Los Muertos Vivos Estan
2 Vauxhall Bridge
3 The Eternal City
4 Donna Lucia
5 A Place Without Mercy
6 Backfire
7 Crows Klinik
8 The Pale King
9 Madeleine
10 Kite In A Hurricane
11 Snow Plane
12 L'Americain
13 Secret Room
14 Hinx
15 Writing's On The Wall
16 Silver Wraith
17 A Reunion
18 Day Of The Dead
19 Tempus Fugit
20 Safe House
21 Blindfold
22 Careless
23 Detonation
24 Westminster Bridge
25 Out Of Bullets
26 Spectre
SPECTRE - Final Trailer (Official)

Decca/Universal Music Classics is releasing one of the most anticipated film soundtracks of the year: SPECTRE – the 24th James Bond adventure. After the success of Skyfall and winning a BAFTA for best film music, Thomas Newman (‘American Beauty', ‘The Shawshank Redemption') returned on SPECTRE to create an original score to accompany the film.  The soundtrack album includes a new instrumental version of Sam Smith's new Bond main title song ‘Writing's On The Wall'. Thomas Newman comments: "It was a real honor to write the score to SPECTRE. The Bond films have such a rich musical heritage so it's been an incredible privilege to return to the franchise after Skyfall and create a soundtrack for this spectacular new movie."

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