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Making of Soundtrack 'The Artist'
1 Ludovic Bource -- The Artist Overture  
2 Ludovic Bource -- 1927 A Russian Affair  
3 Ludovic Bource -- George Valentin  
4 Ludovic Bource -- Pretty Peppy 2  
5 Ludovic Bource -- At The Kinograph Studios  
6 Ludovic Bource -- Fantaisie D'Amour  
7 Ludovic Bource -- Waltz For Peppy  
8 Brussels Philharmonic -- Estancia OP. 8  
9 Red Nichols & His Five Pennies -- Imagination  
10 Ludovic Bource -- Silent Rumble  
11 Ludovic Bource -- 1929  
12 Ludovic Bource -- In The Stairs  
13 Duke Ellington -- Jubilee Stomp  
14 Ludovic Bource -- Comme Une Ros?e De Larmes  
15 Ludovic Bource -- The Sound Of Tears  
16 Rose Murphy -- Pennies From Heaven  
17 Ludovic Bource -- 1931  
18 Ludovic Bource -- Jungle Bar  
19 Ludovic Bource -- L'Ombre Des Flammes  
20 Ludovic Bource -- Happy Ending ...  
21 Ludovic Bource -- Charming Blackmail  
22 Ludovic Bource -- Ghosts From The Past  
23 Ludovic Bource -- My suicide 03.29.1967  
24 Ludovic Bource -- Peppy And George  
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Ludovic Bource has written the score for all four films produced by Havanicius to date, and this time, in the absence of spoken dialogue, his composition takes on the role of a leading player. Havanicius structured the film in narrative blocks to indicate what mood the music should achieve. Bource responded by producing brilliant and catchy original music in the spirit of great names of the past such as Chaplin, Max Steiner, Franz Waxman and Bernard Hermann. Both director and composer looked closely at the way film music created moods in the 1920s, and Bource refers both to the big romantic symphonic repertoire of the 19th century and to later composers – Prokofiev, Debussy, Ravel – who inspired film scores of that era. This is music that speaks and takes its own important part in the story.

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