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Stavanger Symphony Orchestra

Gisle Kverndokk - Symphonic Dances

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Christian Vasquez, conductor with Stavanger Symphony Orchestra 2013-2017
1 The Sorrow of Loneliness
2 Waltz
3 Songs about the Sea
4 Dance in the Night
5 Weddings and Funerals
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In 2013, the Norwegian Ministry of Culture challenged the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra (SSO) to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian ConstiTo Dance through the World

"Symphonic Dances" by Mr. Gisle Kverndokk has been popular on many North American radio networks and stations. Swedish journalist, Ms. Hanna Höglund, referred to the "Symphonic Dances" as one of the most interesting CD's released in 2018. Mr. Kverndokk has been nominated to the Musical Publisher Price (Musikkforleggerprisen) and the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra has been nominated for the Spellemann Award (Spellemansprisen) for the recording. How can one compose melodies from around the world and transform them from a cacophony to a symphony?

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