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Anderson Audio makes John Robinson's Brutus Awards for 2018 / posi+ive feedback

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The final batch of John Robinson's 'Brutus Award' announcements for 2018 included one final, rather late entry; Anderson Audio. In the fall of 2018.

John Robinson says; "I received sample albums and a visit from Jim Anderson of Anderson Audio in NYi. Jim works in tandem with his partner Ulrike Schwarz to produce and record albums. Jim had got in touch with me as the Chairperson of the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society (LAOC AS) Audiophile Recording of the Year Award (ARYA), as he was interested in submitting several recordings as candidates for the 2018 ARYA.

As it turned out...rather remarkably...Jim was going to be driving through Portland on his way to Seattle, and could actually deliver several of the LPs personally. We had an excellent conversation, and then he went on his way. But I'll freely confess that I had never heard of Anderson Audio of NY before.

It's a big world, you see. In listening to these recordings with Jim, and also afterwards, I admit that I was very impressed. I was especially taken with the two Stavanger Symphony Orchestra releases; 'Finn Mortensen Symphony Op. 5​' & 'Gisle Kverndokk - Symphonic Dances."

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