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Stefan Obermaier


Deutsche Grammophon

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BTHVN2020 - Beethoven Reloaded
1 The Seventh  
2 Choral  
3 The Fifth  
4 Appassionata  
5 Pastoral  
6 Pathetique  
7 Egmont  
8 Eroica  
9 For Elise  
10 Tempest  
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Satisfaction is an unreliable feeling. That may explain the driving quality of this music. While the beats keep you calm and centred, his melodies also draw you ever upward. Listening to Stefan Obermaier's invigorating music places you at the mercy of this pleasurable interplay forces. In this series of classical works especially, eternal melodies hover over his intricately programmed rhythm and beats.

In this case, the music of the personally unpredictable Ludwig van Beethoven becomes the focus of the 40-year-old electronic artist from the state of Salzburg, or Salzburgerland. He has made the big city his home since 2001. The urban comings and goings inspire music in him that has rhythmic urgency as well as cascades of dreamy harmonies. In his "Classic Reloaded" series he borrows the melodies only from the best – from Mozart, from Beethoven.  

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