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Stephan Micus

Winter's End


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1 Autumn Hymn  
2 Walking In Snow  
3 The Longing Of The Migrant Birds  
4 Baobab Dance  
5 Southern Stars  
6 Black Mother  
7 A New Light  
8 Companions  
9 Oh Chikulo  
10 Sun Dance  
11 Walking In Sand  
12 Winter Hymn  
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The Japanese poem accompanying Winter's End, Stephan Micus' 24th solo album for ECM, seems like a metaphor for his music. He chuckles at the suggestion, as he thinks of the hours and hours working with dozens of different instruments which he builds up layer upon layer in his studio. "For a musician or an artist, it's very important to keep your childlike nature," he says. "Of course, it's more fun to walk in deep snow than on an asphalt road. This is something I try to keep in mind in daily life."

The range of instruments on this album is one of the most extensive in Stephan Micus' catalogue with eleven instruments from ten countries: Mozambique, Gambia, Central Africa, Egypt, Japan, Bali, Xinjiang, Tibet, Peru and the USA. Most important, there are two instruments that he's never used before. One is recently acquired from Mozambique, the other has been sitting on a shelf awaiting its turn for 40 years. 

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